PAstors & STaff

Eastgate's leadership team is a diverse and vibrant mix of Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and department leaders, each bringing their unique denominational backgrounds to the table. This rich tapestry of experiences and beliefs adds a beautiful and enriching flavor to our team, showcasing the power of unity. Together, these leaders embody the belief that they are stronger and more effective when they collaborate and learn from one another, creating a dynamic environment that fosters a culture of honor, integrity, and devotion to Jesus and the Body of Christ.


    Chris & Laura Smith

    Chris and Laura are the founders and Senior Pastors of Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship. They have been dedicated leaders in the Body of Christ since their marriage in 1984. Their fervent desire to see God transform lives body, mind, and spirit, shines through their entrepreneurial ventures, literary pursuits, and academic achievements, with Chris holding a doctorate in Biblical studies and Laura holding two doctorates in Naturopathy. Their unwavering commitment to the spiritual growth and well-being of their congregants is truly inspirational. They have 6 children + 15 grandchildren and counting. 

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  • Associate Pastors

    Jhason & Brittany Smith

    Jhason & Brittany are the Associate Pastors of Eastgate CCF. Jhason is a founding member and son of Pastors Chris & Laura Smith. In 2009 he began serving as Eastgate’s Youth Leader and was later ordained as Youth Pastor in 2013. Brittany joined Eastgate in 2010 and began serving on the worship team and volunteering in the Youth Ministry. They married in 2013 and have dedicated their time and talents throughout the years serving in whatever capacity was needed at Eastgate. They are passionate about cultivating a culture of worship, a community of devoted disciples, and deep spiritual growth among the congregation. They were later ordained as Associate Pastors in 2019. They have a growing family of 3 boys and one fierce little girl.

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  • Spark Kids Pastor & co-Director

    Dr. Shekinah Svolto Moreira

    Shekinah is a dedicated woman of God who has cherished a deep love for Jesus since her early years. With over a decade of experience in missions and teaching English abroad, she brings a wealth of knowledge and cultural insight to her role. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Ed K-6, Masters in English Language Learning  and Doctorate in Learning Systems and Strategic Change (Ed. leadership), she demonstrates her dedication to academic advancement and supporting diverse student groups. Her time at Metro Nashville Public Schools highlights her enthusiasm for education and community involvement. Apart from her professional pursuits, Shekinah finds fulfillment and joy in caring for her son and miracle boy, Joshua.

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    Mike & Donna Svolto

    For over two decades, Mike and Donna have been pillars of Eastgate CCF, serving faithfully since its inception. As dedicated Elders, they have poured their hearts and souls into nurturing our congregation and fostering a strong sense of community. Their unwavering commitment to the Lord has been a source of inspiration to many, as they lead by example with humility and grace. Whether they are helping organizing events, leading prayer meetings, or providing counsel, Mike and Donna's selfless dedication leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who  cross their path. 

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  • elders | Co-Director of Spark Kids

    David & Dawn Gray

    David and Dawn began their journey of service at Eastgate in our SPARK kids department. Their faithfulness and leadership qualities were soon recognized, leading to their promotion to Deacons in 2017 where they faithfully served until 2021 when they were ordained as Elders. David and Dawn are an anchor couple not only within their family and business (Wildwood Christmas Tree Farm), but also as devoted members and leaders in our church, embodying the values of service, integrity, compassion, and faith.

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  • Chayah | Young Adults Directors 

    Donovan & Jeorgi Thiel

    Jeorgi and Donovan, are a dedicated couple that lead the young adult group- Chayah. Jeorgi, a key member of Eastgate has been involved in various roles within the ministry, including youth ministry, leading the first impressions + cafe team, and serving as a small group leader. Her infectious joy and passion continues to have such a positive impact on our community. Donovan, originally from Minnesota, relocated to Nashville in 2019 and began serving on our worship team. Together, they bring a perfect mix of creativity, passion, and dedication to guiding and supporting the young adults in our congregation. They were married in 2020, and have two beautiful children who bring joy to their lives.

  • Worship Director

    Jude Smith

    Jude is a talented Nashville-based musician and creative who has been a vital part of Eastgate since its establishment in 2004. With a passion for music and creativity, Jude has taken on multiple roles within the Eastgate community. Since 2019, he has been serving as the Worship Director, bringing his musical talents to lead and inspire others in worship. Additionally, Jude shines as a skilled songwriter and producer for Eastgate Worship, contributing his unique vision and talent to create uplifting and soul-stirring music for the community. His dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with others through music make him an invaluable asset to the Eastgate family.

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  • Food Pantry Directors

    Terry & Deb Pugh

    Terry and Deb, a dynamic duo at Eastgate, began their journey of service in the children's ministry and currently serve as our Food Pantry directors. Their unwavering commitment to witnessing lives transformed by the love of Jesus shines through their service to our community. With hearts brimming with love and passion, they tirelessly strive to demonstrate God's love through the distribution of food, touching countless lives along the way. Their story is a testament to the power of compassion and the profound impact simple acts of kindness can have on those around us.

  • Evangelist

    Fideila Aguocha

    Fidelia, originally from Nigeria, is a dedicated mother of four adult children. Her unwavering passion lies in witnessing the transformation of people's lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ, and she spares no effort in leading others into the Kingdom of God. As a mighty prayer warrior and influential leader, she was ordained as an evangelist in 2021. Her days are filled with fervently sharing her faith and tirelessly bringing numerous individuals to Christ on a daily basis. Fidelia's commitment to her calling shines brightly, inspiring many to walk the path of faith alongside her.

  • DEACON  

    Dr. Rucele Consigny

  • DEACON | Prayer Captain

    JEff Brothers

    IN LOVING MEMORY MARCH 25, 1964 - APRIL 28TH, 2022