An interview with

ShEkinah Svolto MOREIRA

Shekinah spent 10 years abroad working in missions and teaching English. She a B.S. in Elementary Education K-6 and is presently working on her Masters in English Language Learners and English as a Second Language. She currently teach Middle School for Metro Nashville Public Schools.  

What quality/trait do you admire most? Ambition and perseverance  

Annoyances: Waiting in traffic. Waiting for doctors. When people are treated poorly because they are different. 

Most traumatic experience: My son was born at 28 weeks in the interior of Brazil weighing only 1lb 6 oz. 

Favourite Websites: Pinterest Teachers pay teachers, read works, (anything that is a great resource for teachers)  

Some of your biggest mistakes: Not having time to take care of myself. 

Favourite Vacation Spot: Europe and the Beach! 


Dream Job: To own my own school and non-profit ministry where I can educate students and minister to their basic needs. Spirit. Soul. And Body. 

Favourite TV shows, Books or Movies: I love watching anything on HGTV or the Cooking Channel! Shark Tank. Some of my favorite movies are Ever After, The Proposal, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, The Sound of Music. 

Pastimes: being with my family, shopping, going to eat or watching a movie. 

Music: Worship and Christian Radio is the background music of my life. 

Favourite food: Italian- Mom's Lasagna, Brazilian- Steak, Mexican - Chimichangas!