Who we are

We believe God created you for a unique purpose and Eastgate was created to help you discover what your purpose is and take that "next step." 

Eastgate is an inter-denominational, meaning that people from all backgrounds attend and thrive there, community of Christian believers in Nashville, Tennessee who love God’s Word, worships in spirit and in truth, serves the community, and who you can call family even if you’ve never had any denominational affiliation. 

We’d love to have you at the family table every Sunday starting at 10am at our facility 633 Shute Lane, Hermitage, TN 37138. We also have small groups that meet almost every day of the week in various locations across the city.

Senior Pastors

chris & laura Smith

Chris & Laura founded Eastgate Creative Christian Fellowship in 2004 with an emphasis on community and creativity, which remain today as the ingredients behind the growing church’s city-wide reputation for creative Christian fellowship. Eastgate is inter-denominational, meaning that people from all backgrounds attend and thrive there, and with Pastor Laura's naturopathic guidance on body, mind and spirit health, it is known as the church where you come to get healed and stay healed... Services last about two hours and include a brief open-mic time when audience members are allowed to bring encouragements, exhortations and edifications to one another, all based on 1 Corinthians 14:3.  There is no dress code; just bring an expectant heart!

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Plan your visit with us

We know that visiting a new church for the first time can be intimidating and overwhelming.  

That’s why we want to make this experience as simple and smooth as possible for you.

Welcome to the Eastgate Podcast

An exploration of faith, culture, and the teachings of the Bible, presented by Senior Pastor Christopher Lee Smith & Associate Pastor Jhason SmithJoin us on Tuesday & Thursdays as we dive into thought-provoking discussions on relevant faith topics, church culture, and examine the pressing issues of our world today.