Get Connected at Eastgate

Coming to church on Sunday mornings is a great start, but to experience the real beauty of this community of believers, we highly encourage you to get connected with some of our other ministries as well. 

Children's Ministry

Spark Kids

SPARK kids is Eastgate's very creative childcare department for ages birth-12 years. Every SPARK kid visit begins with children's corporate time then moves to a classroom where they are served an organic fruit snack after the teaching. 

Parents can enjoy an entirely kid-free morning and relax knowing their children are loved and led at their level into a faith walk with Jesus. Children are also welcome to join the adult congregation for praise and worship.

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New member orientation


Once you decide to become a part of Eastgate, we don't want to waste any time in discovering the spiritual gifts that are within you and how you can put those to use at Eastgate.  To do that, we want to make sure you understand what Eastgate is all about and so we've created 4 messages we'd like you to hear in a class setting.  There, you'll be able to meet other leaders and pastors and ask any questions you have as a new member. 

1.  Becoming a Member

2. Discovering Your Gifts

3. Developing Your Gifts

4. Connect Your Gifts

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Eastgate is not a church with small groups. We are a church of small groups, and we call them "Connect Groups." In large part, we define membership at Eastgate by becoming a part of a Connect Group, because in them you will find community with like-minded people and truly thrive. We currently have groups meeting every day or night of the week and our groups are on a semester model, meaning that you choose one group for a 3 month period and then can choose another one the next semester (or stay if you prefer). Our groups range from Bible studies to art classes, and each group is either led by a Deacon or overseen by one. 

Connect groups meet weekly but not the week of the first Wednesday each month, since we want to encourage attendance at Outpour.

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Youth ministry


Calling all youth, 7-12th grades! The youth at Eastgate are a family who walk through the ups and downs of life together; encouraging each other along the way and positioning themselves to be a sharpening tool in the Hands of God in one another's life. We love to watch our students become “ignited” in their passions, giftings, and relationship with the Father. Come join the family on Friday nights at 7pm when our new trimester begins! Some exciting additional announcements will also be coming to you soon, so stay tuned on Instagram @ignitenashvillestudents

Connect Group

Men's Connect Group

This group is for men ages 18 and older.  We describe our Eastgate Men's Connect Group as a movement, not a meeting.  As brothers, we will seek God's word together, we will share our life's story together, we will serve our community together, and we will bring other men into our brotherhood, who need companionship, love and encouragement.

See you Monday Nights at 7pm.

*Childcare is provided

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Women's Bible Study

NOW Word

Looking for a “different” women’s Bible study? Is it possible to make deep, binding friendships in this electronic age? To find answers for the questions that keep you up at night? To discover what you were put on this earth to do?  To hear what God is saying to you right NOW?

Come to NOWword Ladies Bible Study and find out. NOW=Nashville's Overcoming Women! NOWword is now one of Eastgate's Connect groups, meeting weekly on Monday nights except on the week of the first Wednesday each month (which is Outpour week). We meet from 7-9pm on those Mondays. We are weekly women’s fellowship that seeks sisterhood, asks and answers tough questions, discovers destinies, and pursues the voice of God. So come to NOWword, find a friend, and receive a fresh revelation of God for your life!

"What sets us apart from other Bible studies I have attended is that we end our study time by actually praying over one another and waiting on the Lord to prophetically speak about the situation. THAT'S why it's called, "NOWword," and that's why I try not to miss a single Monday!-NOW member.

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Eastgate Worship

It has been said that Sunday morning worship at Eastgate is where a mirror from Heaven is lowered and each of us are able to see ourselves as we are and be transformed into who God says we can be. 

Worship is concert style with a full band and there are usually 3-4 songs, beginning with high praise and ending with something more contemplative. You will see some standing with hands raised and others kneeling with eyes closed, but all are urged to participate as they are inspired by God to contribute.  

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