Kidz City

Kidz City is Eastgate's very creative childcare department. It's a city that belongs to the children, and our "Mayor," Debbie Clark, sees to that each week is a new adventure for all children ages birth-12 years.  We have a beautiful, paid nursery staff for the babies, led by mother-daughter team Carole and Jennifer Miller, so your baby sees the same loving face each week and develops a trust relationship with them.  We also have a 3 to 4-year-old class led by Michael and Jessie Cornell, a 5 to 8-year-old class taught by an energetic rotational team, and a 10 to 11-year-old class led by Daniel Tichota. We also have a children's choir under the direction of Rachelle Schoenemann which welcomes all children ages 5-12 years old.

What to expect

A day at Kidz City begins as soon as your family arrives, checking in at the Kidz City desk with our gatekeeper and Pastor/Mayor, Debbie Clark, who securely signs in each child and issues Mom or Dad their security badge. All the rooms outfitted to include the latest media equipment, the children learn with a multi-media-driven curriculum teaching which teachers then process with them afterwards through conversational arts and crafts.

weekly snacks and rewards

Snacks are also given during classes, and parents can feel good about the fact that Kidz City only serves healthy organic snacks from an all fruit menu (and the kids love it when Deaconess Elaine, "the fruit lady," shows up at their door). 

Finally, a visit to Kidz City ends with a trip to the "Bible Bucks" store. In class, kids get Bible Bucks for paying attention, memorizing their Bible verses and even just for bringing a Bible. Then at the end of each Sunday, before making their way back to Mom and Dad to go home, they get to visit the Bible Bucks store and select the toy of their liking. They are also given the option to save their Bible Bucks back in class and save for the bigger prizes. 

Since launching Kidz City, more young families have come our way and we are hopeful that your family will be one of them! See you Sunday!  

Kidz City Pastor

  • Pastor Debbie Clark

    Debbie was born and raised in the cold state of Maine, then transplanted to the warm, sunny State of Florida at the age of 16. The Lord took a transplanted teen and introduced her to a classmate who invited her to church, where she received Jesus. She went on to attend a christian college and then stayed in the great state of Tennessee to pursue her dreams. Only God could take a broken teen, transplant her, and make her whole!

    Debbie Clark

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