Dr. Rucele Consigny

Rusty’s entrance into this world occurred at a hospital in Chicago a few weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  He grew up in the inner city where he attended public elementary and high schools.  The University of Illinois, Illinois Tech and Chicago Musical College where he earned degrees in Electrical Engineering, Math, Physics, Music History and Composition followed these.  His childhood was basically ordinary and uneventful and by age 38 he began a relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior but didn’t really notice a dramatic change in his lifestyle.  As the years wore on he slowly, step by step, realized that others were more important than he was and his walk with the Lord deepened as he moved to Nashville and found himself in Christian community.  While in Chicago he had a son and a daughter.  After several years in Nashville he had two more sons.  Today in addition to his four children he has five wonderful grandchildren and a very lovely goddaughter.  He says, “As I age I find myself thinking more and more about what is important in life.  I conclude that loving relationships are the most important, and especially a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.”


What quality/trait do you admire most? 





Most traumatic experience:  

Recent operation


Favourite Websites

Live soccer


Some of your biggest mistakes: 

Bad marriages


Favourite Vacation Spot:

Upstate New York

Dream Job: 

Food & film critic


Favourite TV shows, Books or Movies:  

Casablanca, Don Quixote



Computer work




Favourite Food: