Jeff Brothers

Jeff grew up near a college town in Southern Illinois with many and varied interests and influences.  Childhood was filled with Little League and Scouts.  In high school, sports gave way to music, which pushed him to move to Nashville to study for a career in the music business.  He lived the dream for 30 years as an executive and business owner.  He is now semi-retired from the music biz and working in real estate. Jeff serves as our Prayer Team Captain and is a huge part our sound and audio team on Sunday Mornings.

What quality/trait do you admire most?

Positive attitude


Does driving slow in the fast lane count?

Most traumatic experience:
Nearly losing my right index finger in a childhood wringer/washer incident

Favorite Websites:

Some of your biggest mistakes:
Getting ahead of God

Not getting married

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Blue Ridge Mountains


Dream Job:

Creative writing

Favorite TV shows, Books or Movies: 
TV - Masterpiece Mystery

Book author - Stephen Lawhead

Movies - anything I can watch with my nephews

Creative writing

Listening to St. Cardinals baseball

Depends on mood - Classic/contemporary country, classic rock, 80's, funk/disco, worship

Favorite Food:

Meat 'n' 3