An Interview With 

Debbie Clark

Debbie was born and raised in the cold state of Maine, then transplanted to the warm, sunny State of Florida at the age of 16. The Lord took a transplanted teen and introduced her to a classmate who invited her to church, where she received Jesus. She went on to attend a christian college and then stayed in the great state of Tennessee to pursue her dreams. Only God could take a broken teen, transplant her, and make her whole!

What quality/trait do you admire most?

Faith, Courage, Endurance


Wasting Time, Negativism, Crazy/Reckless Drivers

Most traumatic experience: 

My father being killed in an accident while working when I was a preteen (just 2 months shy of my 12th birthday). 

Favourite Website:

Some of your biggest mistakes: 

Not being empathetic (enough) at the right time

Favourite Vacation Spot: 

Home - no packing/unpacking/driving required, Florida to visit the beach

Dream Job: 

Loving children for Jesus

Favourite TV show(s), Books or Movies: 

White Christmas, anything with a mystery in it


Crocheting Baby Blankets, Crafts


Lauren Dagal - Trust in You; Carrie Underwood - Something in the Water; Michael W. Smith

Favourite Food: 

Fruits & Vegetables, Ice Cream