To Remove the homepage Video

Disable the custom CSS styling so that you can open the section in the clover editor. To do this:

  1. Make sure you are working in "Advanced" mode
  2. Click "Design Settings" in the left-hand menu bar
  3. Scroll down to "Custom <Head> Code"
  4. Within the Custom Head Code section, scroll all the way to the bottom
  5. A few lines from the bottom is a line of text reading " /* Video Hacks */ ". In the line below that line, type " /* " (slash, star)
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the Custom Head Code section and, on a blank line, type " */" (star, slash)
  7. Click "save"
  8. Return to the page editor. You should see the video inside a normal content block (not behind the navigation)

Click inside the block to edit it. You should see a dashed square reading "embedded content". Hover over the content and click the red "X" to delete it. (Note: once you do this, you can't undo it.)

To Upload a new homepage video

  1. Upload your new video to YouTube. Set the video to "public".
  2. Click "share", then select "embed". This is the code you will eventually copy into the clover template.
  3. The video requires that some options be set before it will display correctly on the website. You can click "show more" and customize those options yourself, but you'll get more customizability with an outside service. I used To use this site, copy the string of letters and numbers following "" under the "share" tab, then paste the string into the grey box at the top of the site. This references your YouTube video.
  4. Alter the settings so that the video displays at the correct dimensions and the player controls are removed. A screenshot of my settings is on the right.
  5. Copy the <iframe> code at the bottom of the page. 
  6. Paste the copied text directly into the paragraph box of the first section on the home page. It should process, then show up as an outlined box reading "embedded content".
  7. Remove the "/*" and "*/" (star, slash) and (slash, star) that you added in the "remove video" section above. Click "save".
  8. Preview the new video to make sure all is well.

If you have problems, contact Amy Hamm: or 469-360-8582.

These instructions written Aug 23, 2016


Some troubleshooting for potential problems:

"I deleted the embed code for the video"

Open or download this text file and copy and paste the contents into the now-empty paragraph section. A grey box reading "embedded content" should appear. Preview the site to make sure all is well.

"I deleted the custom styling"

  1. Never do that again.
  2. Open or download this text file, then copy and paste the contents into the "Custom <Head> Code" box.

"Where is the YouTube video"?

The permanent link for the YouTube video is

"How did you get the video to scale with the page?"

Do what this guy says: