An Interview with

Rachelle Schoenemann

“You practically came out of the womb singing”, is what Rachelle’s mom always said, and she hasn’t stopped yet. Once she sang her first church solo at the age of 5, she was hooked, and knew that the stage was where she belonged. Music is in her DNA, and if you tried to take the music out of her, there wouldn’t be much left. On stage is where her husband laid eyes on her for the first time. 

Wade, who is a national radio personality and Operations Manager for 94FM The Fish, happened to be in the audience one Friday night while the group Rachelle was singing in performed. He invited her and the group to come by the radio station for an interview, and the rest is history. Rachelle is now a homeschooling mom to four children, Matthew, Andrew, Anna, and Jacob. Having the desire to offer her children the same opportunities that she had, she started leading a children’s choir at Eastgate. 

Singing in countless choirs, choral groups, and ensembles, she’s gained a lot of experience that can now be put to use when leading the children’s choir. Her greatest desire is to impact the lives of the children as much as her choir directors impacted her. As the daughter of a former missions pastor, her goal for the future as Eastgate continues to grow is to build a choir that can travel and impact the world through the arts.

What quality/trait do you admire most?  

Sincerity, loyalty, generosity, and humor.  


Selfishness. My husband would remind me that my biggest annoyance would be loud chewing noises  

Most traumatic experience:  

Receiving a phone call on an ordinary day and finding out my father, whom I was very close to, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. 

Favourite Websites:,,

Some of your biggest mistakes: 

Allowing myself to waste years of my life dating someone who didn’t have my heart because I was too insecure to realize that I could be loved by the perfect man that God had for me! 

Favourite Vacation Spot:  

Hawaii, Antigua, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston, SC


Dream Job: 

Being able to use the arts to bless others all over the world through missions. I would love to take youth choirs on mission trips! 

Favourite TV shows, Books or Movies:  

To be honest, our TV doesn’t get turned on very often, and we’re not big movie watchers either. When I have the time, I enjoy a good Francine Rivers novel.


Song writing, cooking and creating new recipes in my kitchen, drinking coffee on my front porch, having coffee with a friend, and going on hikes and field trips with my children. 



Anything my husband plays on the radio station he works for ;-)

Favourite Food:  

Fish tacos, and Thai food!