Elaine Anderson

Elaine was born in Knoxville ( her ancestors were the early Irish settlers of Appalachia). She moved to Nashville at the age of 2. She attended Stratford High School in East Nashville where she grew up – and just attended her 45th  class reunion. She has worked for HCA for 22 years – She has one son, Jason who recently got engaged. She has two grandsons Ian, 15 and Trent 21. Trent shares her passion for cooking- He graduated from culinary school in 2016 and is currently employed as a sous chef in Gallatin.  She is a hard core animal lover with 2 cats and 2 dogs all of whom are rescues. Knowing Jesus and developing her relationship with him is the passion of her life.

What quality/trait do you admire most?  

Loyalty compassion



Laziness / self-centered people


Most traumatic experience:  

Becoming unemployed suddenly

Favourite Websites:

Some of your biggest mistakes: 

There are a number of these- all can be tied back to not looking to God to lead me


Favourite Vacation Spot:



Dream Job: 

I pretty much have that now- I work from home for a major corporation. It allows me to be flexible and yet put in a lot of hours.


Favourite TV shows, Books or Movies:  

TV show NCIS -  I love anything John Eldridge writes and I own a collection of old Humphrey Bogart movies that I love



Cooking – decorating – shopping at antique stores and flea markets - I’m really in to fitness



Contemporary Christian,  Classic Rock and Roll – Motown – I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s


Favourite Food:  

Homemade bread of any kind…..