An Interview With

Becky Monnier

I'm just a down-to-earth girl who enjoys the simple things in life. I don't sweat the small stuff because there's too much really great stuff to focus on. I enjoy seeing the adults my 3 children have become and I love that I can "borrow" my grandchildren ... and give them back! I enjoy helping and encouraging others. I believe laughter really is the best medicine and love can heal any wound. God, family and friends are what's most important to me.

What quality/trait do you admire most? 

Honesty, integrity and genuineness.


Rudeness and disrespect

Most traumatic experience: 

The phone call I received from the police department telling me that my 18 year old daughter had been in an accident and was being life-flighted to Vanderbilt. ....But... God heard our prayers and saved her when she was barely alive. She made a complete recovery in a very short amount of time. There are many miracles to share in that story. 

Favourite Websites: 

I don't do a lot of web surfing but I enjoy, because it allows me to share parts of life with the friends and family whom I don't often see.

Some of your biggest mistakes: 

That's a tough one. Of course there have been many, but I have learned and grown from them so they seem more like lessons than mistakes now. God always has a plan.

Favourite Vacation Spot: 

Anywhere that I can enjoy a sunset over the ocean and the waves in the moonlight. 


Dream Job: 

I really don't know. I guess if I didn't like the job I have this would be an easier question.

Favourite TV shows, Books or Movies: 

Books: Currently anything by Dutch Sheets. I enjoy books that increase wisdom and promote growth.  

TV shows: I don't watch a lot of TV so I don't really have a favourite. 

Movies: My favorites would be anything positive, uplifting or funny. 


Enjoying quiet time with God, (especially in nature) reading, songwriting, spending time with family and friends.


Worship music is what I listen to most but I like any kind of music. (Except rap and hip hop)

Favourite Food:

Anything Italian - especially Fettuccine Alfredo and pizza!

In the summertime, ice cream rates right up there too.