An Interview with

Andrew Rodriguez

What quality/trait do you admire most?  

Wisdom, intelligence, compassion, empathy, and love.


Giving up, the enemy, lack of common sense


Most traumatic experience:  

Nearly dying over a dozen times. Long story, doing great now though. 


Favourite Websites


Some of your biggest mistakes: 

I have way too many, I’m only human. I have been to the hospital several times due to my diabetes and not taking care of it when I was younger. Not doing well my first year in college even though I was completely capable. Past relationships.


Favourite Vacation Spot:

Top three:  3) Orange Beach 2) Anaheim and number 1) Lahaina, Hawaii (where I was born).

Dream Job: 

To rule the world, but to make great novels and then make Oscar nominated movies based on those books.


Favourite TV shows, Books or Movies:  

TV: Gargoyles (the 1990’s Disney cartoon).  

Book: The bible or any book therein is overdone as an answer, so The Road by Cormac McCarthy and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez   

Movie: The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Comedy: Batman and Robin.  Action:Gladiator, Musical: Les Misérables



Reading (everything from novels, plays, short stories, comics and manga), writing, working out, wrestling, playing video games, hang out with friends, hiking, it honestly depends on my mood.



The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Beethoven, The Piano Guys, The White Buffalo, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Genesis, Tupac Shakur, Blue October, Backstreet Boys, Hillsong United, Todd Agnew, Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Mike Gungor, DC Talk, Blink-182, Cold Play, Mozart, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, Journey, Aerosmith, Beatles, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, too many more to list.

Favourite Food:  Homemade fettuccine alfredo my mom taught me to make.


An Interview with

Jeorgi Smith

Being the 4th born of 6 kids, Jeorgi grew up being the quiet one, but it didn’t take long for her bubbly personality to shine through in her big family. What helped her come out of her shell was when she picked up a camera for the first time in 2007 and discovered a way to show the people around her how she saw the world. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that was a perfect way for Jeorgi’s voice to come to life. After graduating High School, Jeorgi took classes at Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Art Center and studied the world of photography for two years. To this day, she still enjoys showing others the way she sees things, but photography isn’t the only avenue she uses to show this.

Jeorgi is an encourager and always tries to find the bright side of any situation. She affirms people in their callings and loves to see people smile-even if she has to tell them a joke or two to make that happen! Jeorgi currently works for Starbucks and puts her encouragement gifting to use by making people feel loved and important as they stop in for their morning coffee. 

Jeorgi’s heart is to be a bright light for the Lord wherever He leads her, and the more you get to know Jeorgi, the more you see that this is reflected daily.

What quality/trait do you admire most: 

Joy and mercy. 


Unnecessary traffic. I will never understand why people stop driving to look at a blown up tire on the side of the road. 

Most traumatic experience

I got really sick back in 2013 and my health took a sudden turn for the worst. I was scared for my life, but thankfully the Lord healed me! 

Favourite Website: and any baking/cooking blog! 

Some of your biggest mistakes

Not speaking up when necessary. I’m an introvert, so I’ve always been a reserved person, but sometimes not speaking up can get you stuck in places you never wanted to be in. 

Favourite vacation spot: 

I love the mountains! There’s nothing like taking a walk with trees to your left and right and admiring the beautiful view around you. 

Dream Job: 

To be a wife and a mom. 

Favourite TV Shows, Books or Movies: 

Fun fact-I actually fall asleep in most TV shows and movies that I watch. However, when awake, I enjoy watching any Disney movie and Boy Meets World will always be a favorite show of mine. For books, I really enjoy Max Lucado’s writings. I have most of his books and hope to have all of them on my bookshelf someday. 


Cooking, baking, crocheting, taking walks, writing and telling silly kids’ jokes. Can sunflowers be a pastime, too? 


Bethel, Hillsong, Lauren Daigle, John Mayer, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Josh Garrels.  

Favourite Food: