Eastgate is an inter-denominational church with people from various Christian denominational backgrounds, and unlike a non-denominational church which seeks to dismiss individual church histories, we believe there is beauty in the Church’s diverse denominational expressions and so you will find every kind represented at an Eastgate service. And while all of them come to the level foot of the cross at Eastgate and identify with Christ alone, all of them are also on different journeys with the Lord in their expression of worship.

OUTPOUR: On the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm, we have an evening of all worship at Eastgate and the entire community is invited.  It is also an open-mic night of prophetic ministry. Please join us for this powerful time!  Childcare is provided.

If you have a musical gift and desire consideration for a place on our Worship Team, 

please contact Pastor Jhason Smith for details at Jhason@EastgateCCF.com

Worship Director

Jude Smith

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