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Sync NIghts are the 1st Friday Night of the month at 7pm at the Eastgate Facility

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As a church, we are called to be "synchronized" with God's will, His Spirit's lead, and His Son's example. The Christian life is an impossible one to live through your own efforts. Only one person - Jesus - has successfully and perfectly lived the life that God has called us all to, and through His death and resurrection, His Spirit now dwells within the repentant of heart. It is our pursuit as a youth ministry to live our lives in sync with the Spirit of God and to be a light in a world that is growing increasingly darker. 

We are a family of people who are walking through the ups and downs of life together, encouraging each other along the way and positioning ourselves to be a sharpening tool in the hand of God in one another's lives. We are a community of believers who are discovering everyday the beauty and wonder of walking through this life hand in hand with God. 

We believe that the competition that is so often felt between churches only exists because we allow it to exist, not because it's the way that it was intended to be. We strive to make known and live out the Life of Jesus by playing our role in COMPLETING the church by BEING the church, not competing with churches by being A church. We all stem from the Vine - who is Jesus. 

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Youth Leaders

Our leaders are the best around! To see our expectations for those in

leadership positions with Sync, check out our leader application.

  • Youth Pastors

    Jhason & Brittany Smith

    Originally asked to step into a brief, six-month interim youth leadership position at Eastgate, Jhason has now been serving as the leader of Eastgate's youth ministry since 2009 and was ordained in 2013 as Youth Pastor. At the age of 16 Jhason discovered that God's desire for him was to be in youth ministry. As the years have progressed it's been a beautiful journey as other passions and desires for the church as a whole have blossomed in Jhason. 

    Jhason married his best friend and beautiful wife Brittany, who also shares a strong passion for the church at large. Brittany is a Texas native but moved to Nashville in 2010 and immediately fell in love with Eastgate on her first visit. In 2011 she began serving at Sync Student Ministries and later in 2016 was ordained as Co-Youth Pastor. Jhason & Brittany both possess big hearts for youth ministry and worship music in the church and greatly desire to see the body of Christ regain its hunger for true worship.

    More about Pastors Jhason & Brittany

  • youth & Worship Leader

    Jude Smith

    Jude began his time at Sync as a student who faithfully served on our worship team. After graduating from the youth ministry, once he had completed high school, Jude felt like his time at Sync wasn't finished. Since then, he is still faithfully serving Sync, now as our current youth worship leader and as one of our youth leaders. Jude is a Nashville native and musician extraordinaire. You should check out his EP on iTunes here. He also is a talented filmmaker! Our youth ministry has definitely reaped the benefits of his many talents throughout the years. We're very thankful that Jude calls Sync home on Friday nights.

  • Youth Leader

    Beth Curtis

    When Beth first started coming to Sync she was a shy, quiet teenager who didn't quite know how to take our loud, loving bunch of teenagers who greet everyone with a hug. Throughout her high school years, Beth quickly became one of our most faithful students. Anytime we had any event, Beth was almost always there. We're glad we didn't scare her away! Fast forwarding to today, that timid teen has grown into a witty, confident, and gentle leader in our youth ministry. Beth is currently a student at Lipscomb University where she is majoring in Marketing.

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SYNC Sermons

Sermons from our Friday night Sync services. Looking for Sunday morning sermons? They're here.


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