Eastgate's small group Ministry

Eastgate's Connect groups are a weekly source of growth and connection. Check out the list below and contact the Connect Group leader with any questions you might have. They can tell you whether or not their group includes meals, childcare, give you directions, etc. These groups are our main point of connection at Eastgate and the most effective pastoral arm of the church.

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Again, Eastgate is not a church with small groups, but a church of small groups. They are called "Connect Groups" and they are largely the way in which we define membership at Eastgate. By becoming a part of a Connect Group, you will find community with like-minded people and truly thrive at Eastgate! 

At Eastgate, we have opportunities for members and visitors to meet on various nights of the week (and our groups are on a trimester model, meaning that you choose one group for a 3 month period and then can choose another one the next semester (or stay if you prefer). Our groups range from Bible studies to art classes, and each group is either led by a deacon or overseen by one.  

Connect groups meet weekly but not the week of the first Wednesday each month, since we want to encourage attendance at Outpour. Outpour is Eastgate's monthly night of just worship and prophetic opens-mic ministry. Click here to go to our Worship page and learn more.

Find all of our Connect Groups along with the leader's info so you can get their address and any additional information needed. 

  • Co-leaders: Jeorgi Smith, Elaine Anderson, &  Pastor Laura Harris Smith

    Overseen by: Deaconess Elaine Anderson

    Mondays 7-9pm contact leader for Location. (but not on Outpour weeks)

    For women, 18 and up

    Women crave sisterhood. And even if your sisterhood-tank is full, a word of encouragement never comes at a bad time. Imagine walking into a place where you are 100% sure you are going to leave having received the love you deserve, the directional word you need and the fellowship you've been missing. Join us!

    *Childcare is provided

  • Men's Group

    Old Hickory, TN

    This group is for men ages 18 and older.  We describe our Eastgate Men's Connect Group as a movement, not a meeting.  As brothers, we will seek God's word together, we will share our life's story together, we will serve our community together, and we will bring other men into our brotherhood, who need companionship, love and encouragement.

    Led by: Pastor Chris Smith

    Monday Nights 7:00pm - 9:00pm at the Eastgate Facility

    *Childcare is provided

  • Coffee + Co-working

    Old Hickory, TN

    Members of this group will come and bring their laptops or items to work on and just work together. Coffee and some sort of bakery item will be provided each week! This group is held weekly from 10am-12 in the Eastgate Coffee Cafe.

    This group is co-led by Pastor Brittany Smith and Carrie Smith

  • Led by: Shekinah Moreira

    Overseen by: Elders Mike & Donna Svolto

    Wednesday Nights from 6:00pm-8:30pm

    This group is all about food, prayer, and fellowship. So, come prepared to leave with your bellies, hearts, and Spirit full! 


  • Ignite Students


    This group is for teens 7th - 12 Grades and they meet on Friday nights at the Eastgate facility 7pm-8:45pm for fellowship, corporate worship, and small group teachings.

    1st Friday - Fellowship Night at local spot

    Every other Friday meeting at the Eastgate Facility

    The Group is led by Sync Directors:

    Youth Directors: Brandon Blumhardt & Abigail McCormick

    Youth Director Assistants: Eric & Hannah Dunn

  • If you are looking to get better with your money, you've come to the right place.
    We'll show you how to dump debt, save for emergencies, and build wealth. It's
    all about getting on the right financial plan. You can make a change! We'll help you! 

    Let us know if you are interested in taking this course in the future by emailing:

  • Game Night group


    This group meets bi-weekly on Saturday's at the Eastgate facility from 7pm-9pm and just plays games and has a fun time of fellowship. Make sure you join the group on the church center app to stay up to date on their meeting schedule.

    Click here to find out more