Eastgate's small group Ministry

Eastgate's Connect groups are a weekly source of growth and connection. Check out the list below and contact the Connect Group leader with any questions you might have. They can tell you whether or not their group includes meals, childcare, give you directions, etc. These groups are our main point of connection at Eastgate and the most effective pastoral arm of the church.


Again, Eastgate is not a church with small groups, but a church of small groups. They are called "Connect Groups" and they are largely the way in which we define membership at Eastgate. By becoming a part of a Connect Group, you will find community with like-minded people and truly thrive at Eastgate! 

At Eastgate, we have opportunities for members and visitors to meet on various nights of the week (and our groups are on a semester model, meaning that you choose one group for a 3 month period and then can choose another one the next semester (or stay if you prefer). Our groups range from Bible studies to art classes, and each group is either led by a deacon or overseen by one.  

Connect groups meet weekly but not the week of the first Wednesday each month, since we want to encourage attendance at Outpour. Outpour is Eastgate's monthly night of just worship and prophetic opens-mic ministry. Click here to go to our Worship page and learn more.

Find all 7 of our Connect Groups below along with the leader's info so you can get their address and any instructions. All Eastgate Connect groups are either led by a Deacon or overseen by one.

  • NOW word ladies bible study

    Co-leaders: Jeorgi Smith, Elaine Anderson, &  Pastor Laura Harris Smith

    Overseen by: Deaconess Elaine Anderson

    Mondays at Eastgate, 7-9pm (but not on Outpour weeks)

    For women, 18 and up

    Women crave sisterhood. And even if your sisterhood-tank is full, a word of encouragement never comes at a bad time. Imagine walking into a place where you are 100% sure you are going to leave having received the love you deserve, the directional word you need and the fellowship you've been missing. Join us!

  • Car Iq Group | Hermitage, TN

    Led by: Pastor Jhason Smith

    Overseen by: Deacon Rucele Consigny

    Tuesday Evenings 6:00pm - 7:30pm, in Hermitage.

    In the CarIQ connect group you will learn how to properly perform routine maintenance on your vehicle - saving you lots of money while teaching you skills that will make you feel more confident under the hood! You will learn about the 9 major systems at work inside every vehicle while also learning how to safely replace a headlight, change fluids, remove wheels, and how to plug a flat tire! You’ll even be taught how to change your brakes at the end of the semester! While these skills are wonderful to know for your own needs, when mastered, God can also use you to bless people around you through them! We'll also look at lots of Spiritual analogies and similarities that car maintenance has in regards to our Spiritual walk with God. At the end of our semester we will gather a handful of vehicles from people in our community who need assistance with car repairs / maintenance and our entire team will see to those needs free of charge! See you under the hood!


  • Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Donelson, TN

    Led by: John Alvarez

    Overseen by: TBD

    Tuesday Nights 7pm at Eastgate. It will be an intense Bible study highly recommended for teachers and leaders in the body of Christ.

    Need Info?

  • Woman's Book Study group
    Donelson, TN

    Led by: Labrina Stevens Williams

    Overseen by: Deaconess Dawn Gray

    Wednesday Nights at 7pm


  • Eastgate's Community Store

    Old Hickory, TN

    Led by: Jeorgi Smith

    Overseen by Deaconess Elaine Anderson

    Wednesday nights 7:30pm - 9:00pm in Old Hickory.

    Eastgate’s Community Store is designed to furnish our community with things that they need for their families. The goal for this group is to help clothe the kids in our community by gathering children’s clothes for community sale that the parents in our community can attend. Each week, this group will focus on gathering items for the big sale and will brainstorm together about reaching out to the community about the store. We will have our big sale at the end of the semester as an out reach to the community and to also get our church out in our community. The proceeds will go back into the community.


  • Food, prayer, & Fellowship Group

    Old Hickory, TN

    Led by: Shekinah Svolto Moreira

    Overseen by: Elders Mike & Donna Svolto

    Thursday Nights from 6:30pm-9pm

    This group is all about food, prayer, and fellowship. So, come prepared to leave with your belly's, hearts, and Spirit full! 


  • Men's Group | Donelson, TN

    Led by: Deacon David Gray

    Thursday Nights 7:00pm - 9:00pm at the Eastgate facility.

    This group will be a time of connection, discussion, and “manly” fellowship.  


  • Ecclesia | Mt. JULIET, TN

    College & Career Adult Group

    Co-leaders Andrew Rodriguez and Nick Herod

    Overseen by Decons Kevin & Christiana Parker

    Friday Nights 7:00pm - 9:00pm in Mt. Juliet, TN
    Ecclesia is Eastgate's fellowship for college and career aged adults.  This group is passionate about Jesus and reaching their generation with the message of God's love and power for daily living.  They meet at a variety of locations including college campuses and coffee shops.

  • Sync Student Ministries | Hermitage, tn

    Guys & girls small groups

    Both groups meet in small groups on Friday nights at their designated host home with the exception of the first Friday of the month which is our corporate service that we call "Sync Night". 

    Guys Group is Led by: 

    Youth Pastoral Assistant: Eric Dunn
    Youth Leader: Jude Smith

    Student Leader: Brandon Blumhardt

    Student Leader: Scott Estes

    Overseen by: Pastor Jhason Smith

    Girls Group is Led by:

    Youth Pastoral Assistant: Hannah Dunn

    Youth Leader: Beth Curtis

    Youth Leader: Abigail McCormick

    Overseen by: Pastor Brittany Smith

  • Missions Group | Mt. Juliet, TN

    Led by Elders Susan & Brian Frost

    Saturday Nights 6:30pm - 8:30pm in Mt. Juliet